Thursday, 28 March 2013

TCS Offcampus Registration for Freshers 2012 & 2013 Batch

Organization: TCS

TCS NextStep Portal is the first step to connect you with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Asia’s leading IT services Company.                               
It is a single platform that addresses all your needs interactively and simplifies the communication process. This Portal will help you in your transition from being a student to exploring a dynamic career path with TCS.

From keeping you updated on TCS initiatives to answering your queries and helping you explore a world of opportunities, the portal helps to bridge the distance in your journey to become a TCSer.
So, go ahead! Explore opportunities. Experience Certainty.
If you are a new candidate, please complete your registration process.If you are an existing candidate, please log in to access further information.

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  1. With due respect to Tatas I give my personal experience,that no talent is being rewarded in TCS.Starting from the recruitment of freshers,they go with the marks of the school boards,which are having different standards in different corner of India.
    Can any one say that he got hike for his performance??? Those who are not having any ambition and satisfied with what ever they get,to be in one place permanently will stay in TCS.Yes here if you do not steal,then you will never loose your job.

  2. Being a Software engineer I can say TCS is a multinational company and placed among top 10 technology company in the world in which each one of us want to work . This post has really helped me a lot as I was not placed through on campus. but now I can apply for TCS through the above link . Also I want to add something that I recently wrote an article on Sample Paper for Placement in TCS . I think this will also help people a lot to take their preparation for campusing.

  3. Hello sir i am manish
    sir i have Completed my Education Now sir i want a jobs so sir please Provide me some latest Freshers jobs 2014. so please sir update The Page .....

  4. Hi Guys,
    All you can create your profile on fore free. This is amazing website where you don't need to upload resume

  5. I joined TCS, thinking it to be a great Tata' company and continued there for a decade. The company has detiorated to rock bottom. Let me be absolutely candid here - it is a place for below average people, who are weak technically, who lack ethics and can easily compromise with their values and who fear proper competitive firms. As a result, after few years you find yourself in middle of highly manipulative and insecure people, who are not just incompetent but morally down as well.

    My advice to all young engineers is to work hard, target a smaller (even a start-up) company and do something good for their future. There is nothing left in 'Tata' name of 'Tata' Consultancy Services'. TCS is now good for BPO/BPS oriented people, not for engineers who want to solve problems, create solutions and make something good for their customers, their country or even themselves. Hard fact but absolutely factual.

  6. good site...............