Tuesday, 7 May 2013

TCS Tata Consultancy Service Offcampus Recruitment Vacancy In India For Any Freshers Graduate – 2011, 2012 and 2013 Passed Out Batchs Online Application Registration 2013


Qualification:Any Graduate

Eligibility Criteria:
Freshers – 2011, 2012 and 2013 passed outs only.
Candidate should have minimum 60% of marks in all your academics.

Candidate should have good communication skills.
Should have Basic knowledge on technical skills.

Location : Across India

Qualification : Any graduates/ Post Graduates.

Selection Process:
1. written examination
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview
4. Personal Interview
These rounds may get change based on number of applications received.

Company Profile:TCS is one of the leading Indian Multinational Informational Technology Services. business solutions and outsourcing services company. TCS headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. TCS is a subsidiary of Tata Group. TCS company is founded in the year of 1968 by founder J R D Tata. They are providing services across worldwide. Total revenue of TCS is US$11.66 Billion in 2013 year. Total number employees are 276,196 till 2013 . Subsidiaries for TCs are CMC Limited, TCS China and TRDDC. TCS is most valuable company in India and TCS is the largest IT services company in India.

How to apply:
1. To apply for TCS click new candidate to begin then the following tabs will get display
a. Campus Applicants
b. Direct Applicants
2. Select the relevant menu then click to proceed for further details to enter.
3. Students from TCS recognized institutes click on ” CAMPUS APPLICANTS”
4. Students from other institutes are click on ” DIRECT APPLICANTS” to Register.

Click Here To Apply


  1. What an informative post..loved it please do keep posting

  2. In todays competitive world to achieve dream job every employee should posses corporate training sessions through which candidate can fulfill corporate world requirement. Nice post.

  3. I joined TCS, thinking it to be a great Tata' company and continued there for a decade. The company has detiorated to rock bottom. Let me be absolutely candid here - it is a place for below average people, who are weak technically, who lack ethics and can easily compromise with their values and who fear proper competitive firms. As a result, after few years you find yourself in middle of highly manipulative and insecure people, who are not just incompetent but morally down as well.

    My advice to all young engineers is to work hard, target a smaller (even a start-up) company and do something good for their future. There is nothing left in 'Tata' name of 'Tata' Consultancy Services'. TCS is now good for BPO/BPS oriented people, not for engineers who want to solve problems, create solutions and make something good for their customers, their country or even themselves. Hard fact but absolutely factual.